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Wish Lists

La Casa Inc.

-Any items one might need to restart their life, and their families lives after escaping an abusive relationship.


Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity

-Monetary donations
-Light bulbs, janitorial supplies
-Copy paper/office supplies
-Paper plates
-Gas cards
-Pastry items for volunteers on the job site delivered to main office
-Bottled water
-Gift cards to Home Depot and Lowe’s
-Items donated to our ReStore (call for pick up)
-Call us for specific needs for tools and building supplies (575) 525-0475

Operation SPOT-NM

-Surgical Gloves
-Surgical Table (for dogs/cats)
-Baby Scale (for kittens & puppies)
-Digital Scale (for Adult Dogs)
-Individual Bottled Water
-Donation Jars Decorated with Pawprints
-Rolls of Paper Towels
-Bottled Drinks (Juices/Soft Drinks)
-Folding Chairs
-Folding Tables – 4′ and 8′
-Gift Cards for Food
-Hotel Accommodations Complementary for Travel Vet Team

We also are seeking students that can solicit donations of food, beverages, hotel accommodations for the volunteer team

Mesilla Valley Community of Hope






-Hand Warmers

-Off! bug spray




-Body Wash

-Twin size sheets

-Men and Women’s clothing