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Volunteer Procedures

Students who choose to volunteer through The Office of Volunteer and Community Service are held to these procedures of volunteering.

  • All first-time volunteers must attend a 30-minute orientation session.
  • All first-time volunteers are encouraged to complete a Volunteer Interest Form.
  • Volunteers who commit to a program or event are expected to show up at the time designated. If their plans change and they are unable to make it we ask for a 24-hour notice either to the office or to the agency itself. Failure to contact us of an absence may result in a warning from Aggie Volunteer Services. Volunteers who exceed three warnings in one semester are no longer allowed to register for any events without meeting with the Director of Campus Activities prior.
  • All volunteer hours must be recorded within 2 weeks of the completion of hours. Any hours not recorded that wish to be recorded should contact the VCS office to validate hours and have them included on any current records.
  • All volunteers should complete any program assessments or self-assessments needed by the Office of Volunteer and Community Service. Failure to complete could result in withholding volunteer hour records.
  • All departing volunteer students are encouraged to complete an exit interview questionnaire.